RATKINS Games Downunder

FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions.

Feel free to submit your own FAQ's.

Q: Can I trade with another player?
A: No. Players can never trade with each other.(Magic casters are a suspicious lot who don't trust each other. They are also pack rats by nature and will never part with an item unless forced to drop it.)

Q: Can I pick up a dropped item?
A: No. If a player is forced to drop an item, that item is lost.

Q: Instead of casting "Luck" (Ignore land card and draw another) on myself can I cast it on another player to force them to ignore a good card?
A: No. Players can only cast spells during their own turn. (... but I do like the nasty way your mind works....)

Q: Can I buy Healing potions from the Store for 50 gold and sell them to the Trader for 100 gold and then loop this to make lots of gold?
A: Yes.(I have no problem with a player working for their gold).

Q: If a thief steals my Shard belt can I remove the shards first?
A: No. Once shards are placed in the belt they cannot be removed.

Q: What are the 3 blank tiles in the game for?
A: These are spare tiles in case you lose a numbered tile. ( I hate games that are unplayable when you lose a critical piece).

Q: Can I hide my tiles from another player?
A: No. Players should be able to see all your tiles at all times.

Q: Is there more than one solution to each of the puzzles given for solitaire play?
A: No. Each puzzle has only one unique solution.

Q: Is there a time limit for each players turn?
A: No.

Q: Can I use crampons to climb a wall from a water hex?
A: No. ( Putting on spiked crampons while sitting in an inflatable raft is not the smartest thing to do ....).

Q: Can I use a rope to abseil down onto water?
A: No. Players can only enter water with a gangplank or by a pier - both at water level. (The map is the only exception - it allows travel between any adjacent hexes).

Q: If I have a rockfall directly behind me, can I avoid a creature by moving forwards?
A: Yes. You can move in any (available) direction to avoid a creature.

Q: Can I use my candle or my lantern to light a stick of dynamite if I don't have any matches?
A: No. A player is required to discard a match to light dynamite (Good try though.....)